Brian Weiland

Herm Vanderheyden and the SupHerman team were our Realtor of Choice, and still are.  My wife and I have sold and listed property before, with not the best results. This time we decided to interview realtors before making our decision.

Herm was the first realtor we interviewed and it didn't take long before we knew that he would probably be our choice.  However, we had scheduled 3 other appointments, and we kept them.

Well, as my wife Laura says, Herm blew them all away.  There was no comparison.  Whereas the  others basically came in and told us what we needed to do and how much they were going to charge, Herm was the opposite.  He first of all listened,  he cared about us and our needs, he answered all of our questions, and was honest with us.

In making the scheduling appointments, Laura told each one the same thing; why we were moving, where we wanted to move to and what type of home we were looking for.  Herm did his homework, he came to the appointment prepared.  Herm had several MLS sheets with homes in our area, active and sold, to help us determine the best pricing.  Along with that he showed us and left us information about several homes in the area and price range Laura had told him about on the initial phone call.  Herm listened, and he did all this for us without a guarantee we would work with him.  I guess he was confident about the outcome. 

We signed an agreement with Herm, he put up the best looking, most professional sign in the neighborhood, did just listed mailouts, had an open house the first weekend, canvassed the neighborhood to let them know our house was on the market and invited them or anyone they knew to the open house.  In less than a week we had a buyer and negotiated an acceptable price.  To say the least we were thrilled!! 

Herm and his team then found us several homes to look at.  We went together to look at them, picked a wonderful property and Herm negotiated for us.

In our book, Herm and his team are truly the  "SupHerman Team" !!!